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Happy First Birthday FSS!

Happy First Birthday FSS!


I cannot believe that it was a whole year, 365 days ago, that I introduced you all to Free Spirit Stitches!
I mean this past year is one that no one saw coming.
It felt more like a dog year than a human year. It's like we're trapped in the upside down (you will come to learn that a lot of my references and general knowledge comes from tv shows!). If you have school aged kiddos then it was the longest March break in the history of anything! If you were already used to working from home that was cool but then the whole fam jam was ordered home for what felt like an eternity, but you all know this as it has been our lives for the last 8 months and counting.
But I digress.
I'm really excited to start this blog and I thought it was only fitting to write my first post celebrating the first year of Free Spirit Stitches!
I would love for you to cozy up with your favorite bevvie and have a read.

Let's rewind a year…

I summoned a lot, I mean A LOT of courage and finally launched Free Spirit Stitches out into the world. I had no idea what would happen but I was 100% curious and excited to see where this dream would lead me (spoiler alert - I still have no idea where this dream will lead!)
When starting I told myself that I wouldn't put any crazy expectations on myself because I didn't want to be discouraged when I didn't meet them (yeah yeah I know major limiting beliefs - that's something for another time!)
So I started, like a baby fawn learning how to walk and I was having a blast.
Since starting in the Fall, almost at the beginning of the holiday season, I had missed the deadlines for the holiday craft shows. Despite that, my first holiday season was great. I got to make blankets and toys for your loved ones!
I had the first few months under my belt and I wanted to make sure I wouldn't miss the opportunity of Spring fair season. I was following some fair organizers, so just waited to see when they opened call for their fair and threw my name in hat.
I was ecstatic when I lined up two shows for April (you see where this is going eh?). I got to work deciding what I was going to make, how much I needed and what my displays would be. Again I was keeping my expectations low key as a brand new business at their first market. I was just excited to get out there and put my face to my name and meet people. Although what was coming was never the low end of my expectations!
I started building up my stock through the first part of the year while also taking orders for blankets, sweaters and toys.
In the beginning of March I squirrelled myself away at my friends house for a weekend to have some uninterrupted crochet time, as the markets were quickly approaching. I was so excited to get out there and meet other makers and of course my customers!



That was March 14, 2020.
Over the next few days the world started to shut down. Upcoming events cancelled, March break camps cancelled, and we all settled in for an interesting adventure.
Needless to say, the markets were cancelled and we were forced to think about different ways to put ourselves out there.
Online markets, virtual live shows, contactless delivery and pickup. I was here for it all, willing to give it a go, as we were all learning together new ways of being.
Weeks and months passed - then things slowly started to open up again and with that new and different opportunities for small businesses.
I was fortunate enough to be part of The Trainyard General Store's contactless pop up shop. It was really exciting to see my pieces in an actual store (go back a bit on my insta - you will see my nerdy photo by my display!).
My rainbow wall hangings are currently available in their shop, along with lots of other amazing goodies. If you're in the downtown Dartmouth area, be sure to check them out! { www.trainyardstore.com }
You can also find my rainbow wall hangings in another local shop - Selby's Bunker Coffee & Gifts, in Cole Harbour. They have the most delicious treats in their café and the sweetest gift shop with so many amazing local makers. If you're in the area, it's a must visit destination! { selby.store }

Things have started to settle into a new normal.


Back to present day…

I am still having a blast creating for you!
Despite the lack of face to face events, I have made a lot of great connections and friendships in this last year.
That cliché saying; "a year from now you will have wished you started today" - listen when I say - it's legit!
And damn I'm so happy I started!
This past year shows that we cannot predict the future and that we need to be open and flexible for what may come our way. It would have been really easy for me to just quietly fade back into a girl without her own business but I just knew there was something more out there and I'm loving figuring out what that is!
If there is something that you are celebrating - know that I am sharing in your joy with you!



Sending cozy vibes your way,


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