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Why People Love the Free Spirit Rainbows + Why You Will Too!

I thought it would be super fun to do a deep dive into the products offered in the shop.

The first product up is our super fun, happy and cheerful rainbows!



I wonder how many times I will say “super fun” in this post?! We’re only 3 sentences in and I’ve used it 3 times - for your own safety I do not recommend turning this into a drinking game LOL

The Free Spirit rainbow is the top seller in the shop and if you stick around you will see why (that’s of course if you haven’t already figured out why yourself!)

First let’s have a little story time of how these sweet rainbows ended up in the shop and your homes <3

These were not one of the first products released, the rainbows came in the second wave of products released in the shop. 

I was seeing different rainbows on Pinterest and other accounts I followed. I loved how there were soooooo many color options and color combos you could put together and they just made me smile. 

I was looking for something super fun, joyful and colorful because well that’s what I’m always looking for.

I kept seeing rainbows but not feeling called to make one until I came across the rainbows that I now make today. 

When I saw it, I was like HELL YESSSS - you know that feeling. 

You’ve been looking for something.

You’ve been feeling inpatient because you just want to find the dang thing you know is out there and you just can’t find it.

You’ve come to the conclusion it isn’t happening because you know you’re trying too hard.

And then one day…. aaaaaahhhhhhh - there it is!!

Needless to say I was pumped! I bought the pattern*, grabbed whatever yarn was closest and got started right away.



Wanna know the best part?!

You all absolutely loved them!!!



Ok, ok you’re probably saying “Sarah, I think we’re good with story time let’s get to all the goodness that is the Free Spirit rainbows!” 

Of course, of course - thank you for reigning me back in; I promise if you stick around you will come to love my ramblings and squirrel moments. 

The next part of this story….

The top 3 reasons why you will fall in love with the Free Spirit rainbows


The extremely fun bobble stitch will really up the ante to give you a unique and highly textured piece of home décor 

I love me a challenge so if you are wanting a piece of personalized, made just for YOU décor, that will represent your voice, personality or brand - let's connect!


Because there are so many color options, these rainbows give you the upper hand when looking for that next kick ass gift that will have others wishing they thought of it first!

Here at Free Spirit Stitches we are in the business of spreading joy and I absolutely love helping you with that. 

One of the ways I can help you with this is by including a personalized note with your gift. 




And don’t worry this is a safe, judgement free zone - you write from the heart because trust me, my friends and I have some interesting nicknames and phrases we use that definitely make others raise an eyebrow or two!


These are all 100% handmade by moi so I can attest that they are made with the most fun, joyful + light energy that will carry on with you when you bring one of these beauties home

Super fun crochet fact - there is no machine that can replicate crochet stitches so every crochet piece you receive - is 100% handmade.

No matter what lies ahead for Free Spirit Stitches - my absolutely favorite thing about it will always be creating these pieces for you and those you love.

You take a little tiny piece of me with you when you purchase from Free Spirit Stitches. Don’t freak out - it’s not in like a Netflix original kind of way, it’s just that creating is one of the times I feel most at peace and I am my truest self.



I hope you enjoyed this super fun (you turned it into a drinking game didn’t you!?) deep dive into the Free Spirit rainbows.

If you have an idea for a rainbow and don’t see it in the shop - simply select the custom option and leave me a note at checkout with what colors/theme you are going for and we will chat to make sure you end up with the rainbow you’ve been looking for!

*Rainbow pattern by @CreativeCrochetShoppe

As always, sending cozy vibes your way,


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